GAMEWORMS Video Game Show Premiering in 2011

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Hi everyone! If you’d been checking out our site regularly either from our initial launch around March 2010 or a few one or two months ago, you will notice that I’m one of the most active members on this site, posting random posts and comments every where. And you may have also notice that I kind of disappear a few weeks ago and if you are not very close with us, you may think I get sick of video games and posting on web blogs. But in reality, it’s a total opposite assumption, my activities on this site halted because I’m working closely with family entertainment for a weekly video game show, titled as GAMEWORMS, to be aired on 5-cartoon channel starting from first week of 2011. I’d been so busy building this program with everyone that I even quit my manager position at a foreign shipping company all in the name of video games and to share the love of gaming with everyone.

Even though the actual production for the first episode will begin next Monday (22nd November), we’d done some rehearsal at our newly built GAMEWORMS studio at Shwe Taung Gyar. The current pictures I had posted on this article and the ones on my profile ( are the one from the rehearsal but I’ll be also posting an update on our experiences from the actual production along with new pictures. I’ll be participating in the program as an announcer and script writer. Of course, I’m not the only one who will be in this program, myself along with our mmgamers admins, editors and other members will be also joining the crew as talk show guests and guest gamers.

In case you might be interested what we will be airing on the show, there will be three different sections on the program -

1) News section with new releases, previews, best selling games along with other interesting tidbits in Myanmar language.

2) Talk show section with guest hosts where we will be discussing about DotA replays, local and global video game tournaments, discussing on video game with individual themes and genres, new video game hardware and accessories along with other interesting topics.

3) My single player video game review section and a multiplayer game review and challenges sectionwhere the guest gamers can participate.

We will also be taking a lot of feedback from the viewers and gamers alike. So, feel free to send your suggestions and ideas to and for you awesome ideas and your view on our show whether are they are positive or negative reactions. You can also visit our Gameworms fan page on facebook. By the way, I can’t swear or curse on that tv program, so I’ll be cursing a lot on the site. <3

And now it’s time for special thanks section where I have to thanks people who I’m really grateful towards to and some jerks that I have no choice but to say thanks (eg. Wayne, DcD, etc.).

Special thanks to -

Everyone who had participated and will be participating in this event and post production process.

Huge Special thanks to Ko Win Khine and all of the other head of Command, Ko Mansonkit for the Stage Design, Ko Naing Lynn for supervising and Ko Aung Phyo Win for directing  and everyone from Family Entertainment and last but not least, program producer and creator Khanshi.

Ko Myint Kyaw Thu, Wayne and myself <3 <3 xo xo xo (omfgwtfbbq!!!) for teaming up and creating this website, Zaw Ye Myint for an awesome MMGamers logo along with our editors and authors Linn Zaw Win, Kyaw Si Thu (DcD), Hooooooo Jae, Aung Ko, Sean, Pyae’ Su, Kami, Ko Aung Sithu Kyaw and all of our old and new members along with every Magazines and Journals that had covered our site news and GAMEWORMS program news.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys. On Second thought, maybe I could. But I can’t turn back time and try that out so I’ll leave it at that, lol.

By the way, if you are reading this, live in Yangon or have a plan to visit Yangon anytimes soon and want to appear on the show as a female presenter (Sorry, dudes!), guest host (for both guys and gurls) or guest gamers (for both guys and gurls), please leave a comment.